Tuesday, March 15


Ive spent the last few days watching a fellow blogger fight with her host server and to be quite honest - she is in the right from what I can see. I'm writing this post to bring awareness to other bloggers and our readers the types of things we have to go through from time to time. 
I want to say its quite common to get stories from fellow writers BUT you do so with respect - meaning you source them - you MUST credit people where credit is due or its just plain plagiarism. I myself have used material I have found on Toyaz site - she is EXTREMELY up to date and she is good at what she does but I always source her and any other site I gather info from.

Read what Toyaz World has been going through ~

I was not going to go public with this and at first I was hesitant. But then, if I kept quiet no one will know what type of service they are signing up for. Many of you would know I use to host my blog on fanfusion right? When my site got bigger, they became greedy and started hijacking my site and took up all of my ad spots. Bear in mind, when I first signed up with them, the ads were NOT an issue. I was allowed to keep my ads. They said nothing. Didn’t email me or inform me I was breaking any type of rules. I WISHED they had though. If they were concerned about revenue, we could have come to an agreement in splitting half and half. Considering that it’s their server, and I’m the one bringing in the traffic, it would have been a fair enough agreement. I was prepared to do that. But they were trying to remove ALL of my ads and replacing them with their own so I don’t get anything for putting in the work.


The Real link to the real Toyaz World is http://toyazworld.com/ please bookmark this. If you go to her old site and read through what these people have written you can clearly see they are a bunch of spoiled brats who do not know how to deal with people in a business situation. I happy we never switched over to them when we were looking around.


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