Thursday, November 11


First of all - a boycott is a bad idea!!! We all know when Michael passed away he had MAJOR debts and over time some of them have gotten paid and some still need paying.
A boycott will do several things - stop the flow of money into the Estate which in turn will affect Katherine and the children not to mention the charities. Do you all understand how much the Estate will loose if this album is pulled or doesn't makes its estimated figures?? It is imperative that the Estate continue to make money. We do NOT want them to have to sell the Sony ATV Catalogue!! Michael's children deserve to have a strong legacy to pass on to their children - after all that Michael contributed to the world it would be the biggest man made disaster to strike our generation and the ones who follow if we stop getting new things from the estate because we all are never happy with anything. No more music - no games - no shows...nothing.
That would be a major fail on our part - Michael left us his legacy to protect and to pass on the the next generations and we actually owe it to him to do just that!!
After all he gave us and is still giving us - we really do owe him!!! 
These sales are vital and Ive been reading way tooo many people say they are not buying this album and they are canceling pre-orders - making jokes about other things that are coming out like the Cirque show and the Game being "fakes"'s sad and VERY damaging to Michael Jacksons Legacy which would be the second thing this boycott will do.
The third thing this will do is satisfy all the people who have set this album up for a fail. These people who are saying this is not Michael all have ties to this and if you look closely enough and connect the dots you will see what is really going on here. I beg you all to do your homework and dive into who is saying what and why they are really saying it, dig below the surface. I'm not about to name names but Ive looked into this quite closely and people are lieing and some do not have good intentions.
Does anyone understand what Sony has to loose by putting out "Fake" music? How much money they stand to loose? It would be the stupidest thing they could ever do and believe me they are not about to just throw money away...Not Sony - Not Ever!!
A boycott is not the way to go people - it will not solve anything, MJ deserves better and we didn't start this doubt thing but we can certainly ignore it, move past it and continue to fight for and to protect Michael Jackson's Legacy!
Its the right thing to do!



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