Thursday, March 17


Snooki, 23, responded on Twitter the very next day, asking:

“Neyo’s mad that I got the cover of rolling stone? Hm you lost a loyal fan,” she tweeted. “What a buzz kill.#sorry.”

The war of words went a step further when 31-year-old Ne-Yo defended his public opinion to E! Online:

“I don’t know her so I can’t disrespect her but I feel like Rolling Stone is a music magazine,” he told the site, “and for them to put her on the cover, it’s like, ‘Really?!’

Then this past Sunday (Mar 13), Snooki  finally threw the last blow when she  told

“I’m a big fan of Ne-Yo,” she admitted. “Every song was on my iPod and I deleted them yesterday just because of his comments.”

“Why do you hate me? I’m the nicest person ever,” Snooki told him via the gossip site. “I understand you are a little mad cause your career is not up right now and I’m on the cover but you know what – like I’m a nice person and I deserve it, so get over it.”

Ouch! It has to suck when you get publicly “ethered” by a no talent, alcoholic reality “slore” with about 10 minutes left in her 15 minutes of fame. Harsh!


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