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We finally have some news about Jordin’s first single from her third album! In a new interview with, Jordin describes her first single as “an upbeat, dance-ier type with a driving beat.” There is no news on when the song will be released but Jordin says that it’s going to blow people away! She also speaks about the new season of American Idol and the new panel. :)

UPDATE: Jordin tweeted that she hopes that the song will be the first single of the new album but that nothing has been decided yet, but hopefully we’ll get to hear some new stuff soon!
Jordin Sparks “Pleasantly Surprised” by New American Idol Panel; Says New Single Will “Blow People Away”
Count JORDIN SPARKS among the past American Idol winners who are enjoying the show’s new judging panel. Jordin, who’s probably the biggest actual fan of the show out of all the past champs, says she’s “pleasantly surprised” by how well the chemistry between new judges STEVEN TYLER, JENNIFER LOPEZ and original judge RANDY JACKSON is working. She adds, “Steven Tyler is hilarious. Like [when he said] ‘Did you eat paint chips as a kid?’…What? Where does that come from? But it’s so amazing!”
There is one thing that has been disappointing for Jordin about this season of American Idol, though — the lack of really terrible auditions. She says, “They’re not showing as many [bad ones] this year, so I kind of miss that, and I didn’t think I would.” Jordin says she’s really looking forward to the field being narrowed down to top 12 or top 10, because she wants to see record executive JIMMY IOVINE — a new addition to the crew this year — come in and “do more of an artist-development thing.” She says, “I’m excited to see that change.”
Meanwhile, Jordin’s focusing on her career. She’s currently working on her third album and is very excited about her new single. She says, “I don’t wanna say to much, because it’s gonna blow people away! I don’t think people are really gonna expect [a song like this] from me.” She describes it as “an upbeat, dance-ier type with a driving beat.” No word on exactly when it’ll be coming out, though.  s

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