Sunday, January 30


To say I love Madonna would be the understatement of a lifetime!! I LOVE her!! She does NOT care what people think and I admire that about her.

In the 80ies, when I first discovered her - she was everything I wanted to be - beautiful, sassy and very original. Im sure many a teenage girl in the 80ies wanted to be the Material Girl! She challenged all the notions of what a female should act liek in the music industry - she did her thing her way and did not stray from that for even a second of the years. 

Over the years she has become a true entrepreneur and has made millions and millions for herself through her talent and smart business sense! She has her hands in a great number of ventures and is still raking in the money, I Say - Good On Ya Ms Thang!

One of my favorite photos of Madge - her eyes are AMAZING here!

I love this song and the video ~


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