Sunday, January 30


Michael Jackson’s oldest sister has spoken about the trial of his doctor and the struggle of life since the star died. Rebbie Jackson, 60, spoke on US chat show The View, claiming that the two years since her brother passed away have been “a living nightmare”.
Rebbie, who helped raise Michael but keeps a much lower profile than many of the Jacksons, said the loss has been devastating for all the family. She also dismissed reports that her relatives were fighting over the late star’s estate and insisted that the trial of his doctor for involuntary manslaughter has brought them closer together.
On the show, Rebbie also admitted that she still breaks down sometimes and weeps over her lost brother, adding that a day does not go by when she doesn’t think of him.
Jackson’s former doctor, Conrad Murray is currently standing trial in the US, accused administering the singer with a lethal dose of prescription drugs before trying to cover his tracks. Talking about the case, Rebbie said the family were looking for justice because of the way that Michael died, adding that she has faith that the trial will find the truth.
Rebbie even admitted when asked that when she looks at Dr Conrad she sees her brother’s killer - a move that would be clear contempt of court in the UK. She added however that the family was aware that Jackson was addicted to prescription drugs and had tried to intervene on various occasions.


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