Thursday, December 16

Greyson Chance premieres “Waiting outside the Lines” video. (LADY GAGA'S PAPARAZZI KID)

Greyson Chance, AKA the Paparazzi kid, premiered his first official music video “Waiting Outside the Lines” earlier today.Now his only 13 years of the  most talented kids ive ever set my eyes and ears on but am not sure if this song is age appropriate ,i mean yes its uplifting but its the type of song i expect josh groban to sing..i feel he has only one chance to be young so recording stuff meant for more matured artists is really the way to enjoy his youth..i think at this age he should have fun the music he records ..after all you only get to be a kid once right?
As for the video it serves the songs purpose perfectly! watch it below

Check out Greyson doing his thing below.



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