Thursday, May 5


Jordin Sings - "It ain't easy walkin' in stilettos / But somebody gotta do it” in the first verse to her new song “I Am Woman,” which is the first single of her yet to be titled upcoming third album...

From Mensah (IDRAG4MJ) - I have been down with fever for a couple of days but i just had to come down and review this song.. A huge risk as it alienates alot of her male fans ,its an empowerment song like beyonce's new song "run the world" the only difference is that this is overral better..the production is actually pretty impressive but lyrically its lacking alot..i mean the part where she talks about walking in stilettos is a turn off it clearly should've come later on ih the song and not at the beginning ..this song is not going to win a grammy but it a
huge step in the right direction for her ..shedding of that disney princess image is exactly what she needs to do,and am glad she's doing just that..being under the jonas management limits alot she can do...could she have come harder than this?? Hell yes but remember her first single was going to be Selena gomaz's who says song so when you think of how crappy this song may be to you remember that you could've have been listening to a much much worse song right now.. If her team,label handles this project well this song could turn out to be a surprise hit for jordin's hoping she's able to pull it off on stage!
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