Sunday, May 29

My Two Cents - Young Money Crew Throws away $250,000 At A Strip Club

I wasn't going to post on this but my inner bitch wont let it go so here I am, I read in several blogs yesterday about Lil Wayne, Drake and several others attended a party Friday night for - the website celebrated their 6th anniversary at King of Diamonds in Miami Beach.

For the record - King Of Diamonds is a strip club and the Young Money Crew danced and partied for hours there. My only problem with the whole thing is this - they actually look pretty stupid throwing around $250,000 to STRIPPERS when, I'm pretty sure wherever they come from, has homeless, jobless, people who have no food for their kids, who could use a hand out like that. I mean, really - $250.,000 - to STRIPPERS??? I'm actually appalled by this whole thing, they make me sick. I understand that these women are just trying to make a living but TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS???
These are the type of people who should not have so much disposible money on hand - this is a completely mononic waste of money!

Drake, your idiot is showing, please tuck it in! You're an effen Canadian - you better start representing better than that bruh. I KNOW for a fact (and so do you) there are people here in Canada that are in desperate need and you should be ashamed of your self - you look like a fool! Canadians DO NOT DO THIS - Have you lost your fricken mind Drizzy???

This is all just my (Tina) opinion and agree or not - it's how I feel. To me, they look like Dumbasses!!


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