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Teen pin-up Justin Bieber is harmless. His songs are cute for his age and he has boyish good looks which has won him a legion of girl fans. Unfortunately, not everyone appears to be a fan. During his concert in Sydney at the Acer arena on April 29th, the 17-year-old was performing his hit song ‘One Time’ when he had six eggs thrown at him. What’s even more laughable is that the person showed great dedication to purchase expensive tickets only to egg a pop star they dislike and miss their target completely.
With the eggs seemingly falling directly from above the stage, it’s very possible that his team were playing a prank on him. Either way, Bieber stepped back a little and carried on dancing like nothing had happened. The concert was briefly stopped so that the mess could be cleaned up. If the eggs were in deed thrown by a genuine concertgoer, the moral of the principle is… when you dislike an artist, do what I do. Turn the TV channel or radio station whenever you come into existence of their music. Don’t buy their records, and more importantly, don’t attend their concerts just to egg them! After all, YOU spent the money, so they get the last laugh in the end.
The actual performance…

Closer footage of the egging…
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