Monday, May 16

Happy Birthday Janet Jackson -My Tribute Post

Janet Jackson is 45 today.. the following are some fact you may not know so enjoy

Youngest Person to  be nominated for producer of the year @ the grammys ..(yes she producers her music..not only does she write she arranges her harmonies ,melodies..composes and produces )

Only Artist to have her tour nominated for an Emmy.. She got a whopping 16 noms and won 4..only artist in history to ever do that

Only artist to have 7 top 3 songs from one album!..thriller had 7 top10 not 10 3

Her tours have grossed over a whopping $500million and counting  over
7mill fans attendance... when it come to touring only celine dion,madonna,tina turner  are ahead (females)

she has two record breaking contracts ...un heard of the time..both of her record deals with a&  total over 150mill dollars

 her tour rhythm nation  is the most successful debut tour  visting over 2.5million fans and grossing  180mill with alot of the dates never reported

janet jackson has a whopping 26 top 10 hits on the hot100

her albums damija jo missed the number one spot...because of usher's  confession and  her following album 20yr missed the number 1 spot by 4k copies the smallest gap between a number 1 and 2 album in history..despite what people think those were successful albums

janet jackson  stardom eclipsed her brother michael in the 90s..

has sold approximately 100mill albums and over 40 mill records.. totalling 140mill in all..(her albums havent been re-certified for decades  if they are this should be the number )

Janet jackson is the only artist to be nominated in almost over 3 different genres at the Grammys.. rock..r&b..pop .

most  billboard awards male or female 33

most american music awards for female..

over 360+ awards in her life time

 Not only helping revolutionize the music video era and becoming a notable visual figure, but having her landmark breakthrough album Control serving as the first album to successfully merge R&B with hip hop beats(a trend still used today).

influence on numerous artist of this generation even if they dont admit it
her influence in video and music can bee seen in alot of recent videos chris brown she aint you.. 3x yeah yeah.. gagas judas

Most successful female dance artist of all times. ..this woman doesn't only have a music catalogue she has dance one as well.

has been in this entertainment business for over 3decades ...

and when you think of it she really is the only real competition madonna had and continues to have

these are just facts i know from the top of my head...i know i have missed many..i am doing a little write up about her that i shall share with you folks in a few the mean time fans and haters ..enjoy !

bow down to the queen!! happy birthday miss damita jo my queen


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