Tuesday, May 24


Sunday night Beyonce performed at the 2011 Billboard Awards - I was on Twitter will billions of other people tweeting about the award show and everyone was waiting for her! This performance was over promoted, as I watched I couldnt believe how bad it was. Take away the light show and the screens and what do you have?? She did nothing amazing and she slayed no one. The song sucks and this didnt help.
Im a HUGE Bey fan and she sings the hell out of anything she sings but the performance on the other hand....not great in my opinion. 
Watch the Honors and the Performance below ~ Ill keep my opinion about the Millennium Award to myself, I wont mention the fact that there are a BILLION people, dead and alive, that should have been Honored before Beyonce. 
Oh and PS- she didnt thank her fans.

Your Thoughts??


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