Wednesday, April 6

Why Did The Mainstream Media, Forbes Fail To See/Report Michael Jackson As A Very Wealthy Man??

Now I know the perception about Michael in the mainstream media is that he was a highly indebted man when it came to his finances..but why, before his so called "monetary" issues was Michael never considered as a very wealthy black person?

It surprises me that Forbes never researched this mans worth and even if they did, they didn't seem to make it known. Since the 80"s Michael Jackson as been out earning almost everybody in showbiz...yet we've never seen him at the top of any of these annual "Rich" lists.

He owned/owns the music catalogues of huge artists like Elvis Presley and The Beatles as well as his own recordings. In 2005 it was made known in court documents that his ATV catalogue (2ND or third largest publishing company in the world) was valued between 4.5-6 billion dollar's (the media likes to down play its value) in which he owned a 50% stake in. He also had some Real Estate and a lot of valuable artifacts - jewels, paintings ect.
Even the 270 million dollar loan from bank of America was a smart business decision as he took it to acquire or expand his publishing empire.

A decade after he released new material - Michael was still bagging close to 100million dollars a year from his various investments...

My question is that despite his so called "debt", His overall net worth was in the billions way before his death so why didn't Forbes or other Wealth Investigating Magazines report this when it was so obvious? Why did they focus on the "debt" without reporting the real reason for the acquisition of the loan?

Why did/do they want to make it seem as if Michael Jackson was so dumb he couldn't translate his huge success into wealth and basically spent all he ever earned in his life time leaving no financial security for his kids when it is just the opposite ....?

The assumption that Michael Jackson is worth more dead than alive is simply not true. He was a profitable alive as he is in the grave. Why do people make it seem like the fan base was only paying attention to him because he died when we had over 50 million people try to get tickets to The "This Is It" Tour after it had sold out?

Dead or alive his three children were still going to inherit a multi billion dollar empire, he made sure of that I am just baffled as to why the media never sees it but rather makes it seem like his death was the best thing to happen to his finances..?

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