Sunday, April 10

What Do You Think About....

I was at my Mothers house the other day and my Aunt was there as well as my cousin. We were sitting around talking about life, our kids and music. My Aunt said when she was out of town at her sons house a few months ago they were in the car coming back from the Mall and his daughter was with them. I think she is 7, now - Katy Perry came on the radio singing "I Kissed A Girl" and the little one started singing along. My Aunt said "Oh My God, turn that off - she should not be allowed to listen to that" so my eyebrows rose up and my mouth dropped open in shock. 
In my family Ive learned who to pick battles with and when, this was not an argument I wanted with my Mothers oldest sister. So later that day I said to my Mom (who is normally ALWAYS very open minded about everything) I said " Can you believe Aunt Bev said that, does she think that by listening to a song with lyrics like "I kissed a girl and I liked it" this will make her granddaughter gay??" This is not how it works I said. My Mother said (and I still cant believe she did) she agrees with her.... O____O ummm....what?? I said "Are you serious? What the hell difference does it make if she listens to that?" My Mother knows how "Gay" works - its not a lifestyle choice, it IS their life, the way they were born.

My question is - do any of you see anything wrong with little girls listening to this song and if so - why?


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