Monday, April 4

Michael Jackson is the most popular act of the digital age.

Alley Insider spoke to Gracenote about the type of music users are searching for and listening to online, based on its metadata.
It found that Michael Jackson was the artist most looked up on Gracenote's database, followed by Bob Marley and Tupac Shakur.
Gracenote's metadata covers artist names, album and song titles as well as sleeve artwork and the company say it is used in “billions of searches” a month on services like iTunes, Google lyric searches and Sony products. (Sony acquired Gracenote in 2009.)
The company added The Beatles were popular in Europe and North America but did not appear high in Data for the rest of the world. source

this isnt really news to anybody but what am glad is how they pointed out that  the beatles were popular in europe and north america and not in other parts of the world..beatles fans are always in denial about this


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