Tuesday, April 19


Now, I dont normally say too much about the album covers that I post cause, let's face it - stars do some crazy ass sh*t. I just came across the cover for Lil Wayne's highly anticipated album "Tha Cater IV" ...lemme show you then we can discuss ~ 

In my opinion - this cover would have been uber cute and very endearing if it was just the pic MINUS the tats and piercings. 
What the actual hell was he thinking? Its so insane to have the tats and ish on this that's not even laughable. I cant inagine what was going through his brain when he thought of this and does he NOT have advisors? Why didnt someone tell him this is just plain stupid?
Id also like to just mention that if this is in fact Wayne as a child - he was a fricken cutie when he was little!!

What's your opinion on this cover??


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