Monday, April 18

Lawd Have Mercy!! Crazy Fan Pulls Singer Off The Stage During A Performance !!

 K-Pop group Girls' Generation performed at the Angel Price Music Festival, organised jointly by Lotte World and Coupang.

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During the event, an unfortunate incident happened, as the hired security was lax and did not perform up to standards. Near the end of the 'Run Devil Run' stage, Taeyeon was dragged off-stage by an unidentified individual. The other members were also caught unawares and tried to stop the man, to no avail. The event's host, comedian Oh Jungtae, managed to prevent the man from dragging Taeyeon away. According to fanaccounts, the man appeared from back-stage and was later detained and apprehended by security after the performance.

The security personal need to be fired!! Thats just plain shameful for a thing like this to even happen in the first place! smh


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