Sunday, April 17


Last night here at The Halifax Forum they hosted a Michael Jackson Tribute Show called "King Michael". 
Now Im not usually one for impersonators but I thought - what the hell! Im soooo glad I went!! 
The first Michael to come on stage was "Young Mike" singing "Who's Loving You" and at the end he started crying - not quite sure if that was an act or not, but either way - that kid could SANG!! 

The elder Michael followed - There were two guys (I think they were guys lol) didnt look a whole lot like him but one of them had the moves down pat, while the other...not so much - at least, not as much as the other guy. These two men are either twins or have the same plastic surgeon cause they looked exactly the same (bad make up too)
They did the whole "Concert" type production - in full costume for each song either matched with the video or the actual stage performance which Michael did. It resembled Bucharest in most of the clothes and they did Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Billie Jean dressed like the video's (or short films as MJ called them ;-)


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