Sunday, April 17

Jordin Sparks Mimics Nicki Minaj covers Lady Gaga,talks her love for MJ and So Much More

I have been wanting to make this post for a while but i have been simply lazy..anyway i got sometime today and though i might us well  share this with you.
After weeks of bickering and complain ..yes i have the personal connection with jordin ,she finally decided to go on ustream.. unfortunately for me my internet stopped working the time she did so i had to wait for somebody to upload the session onto youtube some day later..

straight to the point jordin covered a whole  lotta of topics .
..she did a nicki minaj impersonation where she song a verse of nicki's song ..moment like this (hilarious)
 showed off her newly born puppies..
talked about the possibility of a collaboration with jojo..
her love for michael jackson ..
 her new single. saying it still in the mixing stages ,
she also spoke about the pressures of the music industry..
when asked about weather she feels like she is under appreciated she answered saying she is happy where  is and knows she has lots of fans who love her music and will support her and her only problem is how people make it seem like its a bad thing that she is comfortable with her clothes on.
also  she played her version of selena gomez single who says ,talked about how it was given to her before selena but label drama ensued and she let it go(glad she didnt get it though..not the type of song i want jordin to sing) .
Her dream writers and producers .....i think thats basically it
.its an interesting watch..i just gave you cliff notes..

She also sang parts of:

All of the Lights
Price Tag
Born This Way
Look at Me Now
Forget You


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