Friday, April 29


(Billboard) - Lady Gaga emerged as the clear winner of MTV's inaugural O Awards, an awards show designed to fete all things digital music related. The event was streamed online Thursday (April 28) night from Las Vegas.

Lady Gaga won the prize for Most Innovative Artist and Must Follow Artist on Twitter, two of the more high-profile categories of the event. Other artists walking away with awards included Kanye West (Best Tweet), 30 Seconds to Mars (Best NSFW Music Video), and Willow Smith (Most Viral Dance).
Winners were selected via online and social media voting. MTV says more than three million votes were cast through online, social media and mobile platforms.

Previous to the awards show, MTV issued awards for Most Innovative Music Video, Favorite F**k Yeah Tumblr, Favorite Animated Gif, and Best Hack, which went to Andy Grammar, Fuck Yeah Adam Lambert, Nicki Minaj's "Gum Twirl" and Invisible Instruments, respectively. Awards yet to be given include that for Best Music Hashtag, Best Remix and Best iTunes LP.

 The full list of awards is below:

Best Fan Cover: Alex Goot
Funniest Music Short: Lonely Island, "I Just Had Sex"
Innovative Artist: Lady Gaga
Must Follow Artist on Twitter: Lady Gaga
Most Innovative Music Video: Andy Grammar, "Keep Your Head Up"
Fan Army FTW: Tokio Hotel's Aliens
NSFW Music Video: 30 Seconds to Mars, "Hurricane"
Most Viral Dance: Willow Smith, "Whip My Hair"
Best Independent Music Blog: Aquarium Drunkard
Best Music Discovery Service: Pandora
Best Performance Series: Daryl Hall, "Live From Daryl's House"
Favorite F**k Yeah Tumblr: F**k Yeah Adam Lambert
Favorite Animated GIF: Nicki Minaj
Best Fan Forum: Michael Jackson, MJJCommunity
Best Music Hack: Invisible Instruments
Best Animal Performance: Parrot Dancing To Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair"
Best Tweet: Kanye West, "I hate when I'm on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle"


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