Thursday, March 24


Ne-Yo has already expressed his distaste in singers who use “auto-tune.” And in a recent interview with That Grape Juice, the singer/songwriter condemned the use of it once again, and says he considers it a cheating method. 
Read what Ne-Yo has to say below ~

“I was talking about anybody who says that they are a ’singer’ and lets auto-tune do the heavy lifting. I feel like if you’re doing this for the purpose of a trend then you’re cheating! It’s cheating! I feel like if you’re a singer then sing.
“Mind you, auto-tune and melodyne, these are tools that are supposed to help make your music better. I always use the terminology of it being a safety net. Singing is like walking a tightrope, and auto-tune and melodyne are supposed to be used just in case you fall. You’re not supposed to put on your auto-tune wings and jump off the cliff and fly around!
“A lot of cats are getting lazy to the point that they’ll sing it just as good as it has to be and let auto-tune do the rest.”

Do You Agree With Ne-Yo?? I know I sure do!


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