Tuesday, March 1


Christina Aguilera's mugshot has been released, sort of. Police didn't say if they were going to officially release the photo of the pop star after she was arrested for public intoxication. The mugshot is a photo of a photo, and it's popping up on various websites, including that of E! News.

Aguilera is not smiling in her mugshot, which is a nice change from the many drunk celebrity photos in the past. She and her beau Matthew Rutler were arrested last night for being drunk.
Rutler was taken into custody and charged with DUI. Aguilera was so drunk that she was arrested just because she couldn't take care of herself! What a great role model!
Xtina hasn't been having a very good run as of late. Since she announced her split, she has flubbed the National Anthem, fell at the Grammy Awards, and now got herself arrested. It's another celebrity going downhill in a fast car.
Hopefully, Christina will slow down her partying and be sure that she is taking excellent care of herself and her son Max, 3.


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