Tuesday, March 8


In an attempt to possibly take the attention off of the media reports surrounding photos of his daughter’s alleged drug abuse (or capitalize off of it), Bobby Brown has gone on a mini media tour to promote his upcoming reality show, tour and new album. He made an appearance on The View recently and spoke highly of Bobbi Kristina’s singing ability as well as his other kids.

“She sings like a bird. She sings a little better than Whitney and she has my legs so she can dance”

“I’m gonna do duets with all of my kids; they all sing and dance, so I’m just waiting for the right time to strike, you know, the Brown clan.”

Bobby also hit up ABC News Now ‘What’s the Buzz,’ and when he was asked about his daughter’s alleged drug use, he responded:

“I don’t know anything about that My daughter, she doesn’t, she doesn’t do that.” SOURCE

Wake up and look at your child Bobby!!

"The pictures_ a former very dear person to me did this. Set me up to make it look exactly what it looks like. God will smite them yes" she tweets.
She continued later, "But it's really not what it looks like.. People will do anything for money which is extremely sad, and I'm very hurt by this."

Do you think Bobby and Whitney have their eyes closed to a problem or do you think Bobbi Kristina was set up as she said?


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