Saturday, March 5


Who would guess that Britney Spears prefers kicking back and watching movies with her boyfriend over hitting the club?
According to the pop princess herself, she and boyfriend, Jason Trawick, are just a super normal couple."We're really normal," Spears told Ryan Seacrest Friday on his KIIS-FM morning show. "We just like to watch movies. We work out a lot. We love to work out. We do stuff together like that. We take walks."Spears also told the radio show host that her man's abs are "definitely ripped (But does he know visors are not cool?). 
(A little reminder)

He just got on this health kick." Seacrest, who's been friends with Trawick for awhile, remembers when his physique wasn't so muscular."I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but I knew [Jason] when he was hairy and pudgy," Seacrest told Spears. "But now he's fit and he's got zero percent body fat.""No," she protested while giggling. "He wasn't pudgy."
Spears then talked about her own workout routine. "I have a trainer," she said. "I'm on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and we do a lot of cardio and running. He kicks my butt. You pay to hate your trainer. It's so odd."


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