Friday, March 18


Now, Im a Black Eyed Peas fan - even though Will I Am has annoyed me where Michael Jackson is concerned but Ive decided to remain a fan and only focus on the music. I have to say "The Beginning" is waaaay below standards  - too much techno and too much synthesizer for my liking. I have always praised the fact that they do in fact mostly sing when they are on stage and dont usually use playback and lipsync.
Last night BEP was one of the musical guests along with Lee Dewyze, who is last seasons winner on the show. I must say - Lee blew the Peas OUT OF THE WATER!!! I, personally - thought their performance was the worst I have ever seen from them...EVER!

First off - Fergie (and I LOVE Fergie)...WTF? She sounded like a cat in a microwave and what the hell was with the green nails and RED (and not a nice red either) lipstick....? The heels she had on were 8 inches high easy and it always pisses me off when people can not only walk but also dance in shoes that high cause I surly can NOT! In my opinion, and this is only what I feel, that dress was very sweet and was cute on her but the shoes were stripper-esque and not a compliment to the dress. Can you say HOT MESS??!? PS - the earrings matched NOTHING!!
Will Iam - It sounded like you were singing into a childs play microphone, you know the ones that make your voice sound funny and by funny I mean ROTFLMFAO type funny.
Taboo sounded great!!
Then to dedicate THAT song to Japan? Really..?? Of all the songs you could pick for "Dedication" you pick that one...I dont get it.

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