Friday, March 11


I have been very excited about this project since last year , his last project graffiti is my favorite album from him ever..because he matured so much both lyrically and vocally on that album…and the probabitly that he would top that album in my book was very slim.and i was right F.A.M.E is not close to the masterpiece that graffiti was however the album shouldn't  be written off as it holds quite a number of Gems
The addition of the mixtape songs for me were unnecessary..i feel he shoulda just given us new material maybe not all his fan base has heard them so he included them..deuces and no bullshit are really great songs and if not for the fact am sick hearing them i wouldn't skip them when they come on shuffle

his sample for michael jackson's human nature for the song "she aint me" was very creative ..nothing groundbreaking like the original but a nice song nevertheless.. another standout for me is  the dance number YEAH 3X one of my favorite  dance songs of the contains everything that you would want in such number..great beat, great vocal delivery and fun lyrics.

his collaboration with justin beiber to me was nothing to write about but after a few listening am kinda addicted to the song  however justin's limited vocals become apparent in this song and makes the song  stale after while ..he shoulda got another male singer to do this mario now that would have been something

Possible my favorite ballad on the album "all back" chris brown talks about wanting all that he has lost back post "rihanna incident" with the lyrics'you never mis a good thing till its gone ' gives so an isight of how personal this particular number is ..the trong belting in the chorus is definitely impressive ..

should've kissed you is one of the best songs on this album..the title says its all.. great melody .. and over;; great ballad 

 beautiful people featuring benny benassi is a dance number.using the widely popular euro pop sound that is  on the radio its serves its purpose ..2nd best dance song  after yeah 3x

with a staggering 11 guest features on this album i only like 3 of those features(beautiful people , next 2 you and deuces) chris brown is best  on his solo tracks.. he needs to stop this gazzillion feature craze because its not helping his image as an can never be taken seriously as a musician when you rely on people to feature on almost every song on your  album…look at me now featuring wayne and busta was not a bad tune but i was put off by the continous reference to his private parts.

overall this album was solid..could have done without all those collaborations as they added nothing  at all to the album 
l give it a 7/10 rating


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