Sunday, February 6

Our Top 5 Favorite Super Bowl Performances!

We've gone over past Super Bowl Performances in the last week and have picked our top 5 favorites.

Our all time favorite, favorite halftime performance is from Michael Jackson in 1993!
Everything this man did had meaning - even here, he was attempting to heal the world!!

The Lovely Ms. Diana Ross - 1996

Areosmith NSYNC - 2001, along with Nelly, Mary J and Britney Spears!

This performance from U2 in 2002 is my second favorite...well is actually tied with MJ's 1993 act.
Less than five months after the tragedies of September 11, U2 brought the heart-shaped stage from their Elevation tour to the gridiron. The band kicked off with "Beautiful Day," but it was their 9/11 tribute that captured the most attention. As they played "Where the Streets Have No Name," a scrolling backdrop featured the names of all of the victims who perished in the attacks and Bono finished the song by opening his jacket to reveal the stars and stripes in its lining.

The Rolling Stones - 2006! LOVE their stage!!

What's Your Favorite Super Bowl Halftime Performance??


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