Tuesday, February 22

I JUST watched lottery ticket….

so i know am months late but thats how it is with me when it comes to movies..i usually don't go with the hype..i wait till it dies down before i see it for myself..i think the only movie i went to watch on the day of release  was mjs this is it.with that said i must say that bowwow thought not my favorite actor in the world has started in some of my all time favorite movies example "like mike"..

now the plot of the movie  starts  your typical stereotypical black community ..revolving around bowwow and his side kick best best friend..apparently the whole community is obsessed with winning th lottery but bowwow shows skepticism about this ..saying it just a way of poor people wasting their money on false hope….now am not going to narrate the whole movie ..all i will say is i enjoyed watching it ..my only problem was the ending scene where bowwow was being beaten up by this thug..and the whole community was just standing there watching and making noises.like really if the person who possibly is going to take you out of poverty's ass is being whooped are you going to stand the and watch ?shrugs  ….it was stupid and just didn't make sense  …otherwise it was a great movie .


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