Sunday, February 27

Finally Watched for colored girls and...

i heard so much about the movie and i postponed watching it for a while because i couldn't stomach all the emotions that i saw in the movie previews not going to summaries the movie as i feel most of you have probably seen it..with that said..i must say am impressed with tyler perry's  directing this time around and m it s a real shame that this movie  and the actresses were snubbed by the oscars(but i guess the oscars like the grammy a falling to new lows) the acting was really intense  with anika noni rose playing her part as the battered and abused wife of drunkard (played by michael ealy) extremely well..this movie will give you awe  and gasp moments in many scenes ..i also loved the poetry recitals by the various women ..

now my only problem with the movie was how it has one of the worst endings i have ever seen in a movie..couldn't the screen writers have found a better way of ending the movie?? it made me feel so incomplete after the should be more to it ! oh well perhaps they did it  like that cos there is a planned sequel in the works?? i don't know but either way tyler or who ever his screen writers are should work on having better endings


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