Monday, January 3

Usher,Mario to release a new albums this year.

Usher staged a successful comeback in 2010 with the release of his Raymond Vs. Raymond album, and then followed it up this August with the release of his hit mini-album Versus and an accompanying world tour. After a such a busy year you might think that Usher would take a little time off, but instead the singer is planning to keep the ball rolling with the release of another new album later this year.
“I don’t plan on taking a long time or hiatus from music after this tour,” the multi-platinum R&B singer told in advance his worldwide OMG trek, which kicks off Nov. 10 in Seattle and runs through late March of 2011. “I do plan on coming right back. I don’t know exactly what type of musical experience it will be, but I’ll be right back with another musical experience to keep it alive.”
There’s not too much info on the project just yet, but writer-producer Rico Love (who was behind Usher’s “Hey Daddy” and “There Goes My Baby”) dished a few details to YRB Magazine late last month.
“…We got Mario, Pleasure P, another Usher album dropping this year…”
“I just feel like Usher has a classic sound and music that doesn’t age. So it’s not about really… It doesn’t matter if his music came out this year or 10 years from now. Same thing with “U Got It Bad,” same thing with “You Make Me Wanna.” I just want to make sure we can keep that classic sound. Some artists like Nelly and Usher and Diddy, they have a classic sound. You have to stick to it.”
If Rico is crafting the R&B grooves them somebody else is most likely cooking up the radio-ready pop songs (“DJ…”, “OMG”) as we speak. Get ready to see more Usher on the charts in 2011.



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