Wednesday, January 5

My Thoughts at the Moment....

Im sitting here listening to "Blood On The Dancefloor" and reading my timeline on twitter and I just read this from  @MJJCommunity - After break Michael was called a drug addict three times, Mrs Jackson was so upset she said make stop, The Family were beside them selves, Joe was said to have said we need a federal investigation.

For once I actually agree with Joe on something - don't worry, Im sure it won't happen again LOL

Something needs to happen cause this trial is going to be the biggest circus known to man. It's already starting, if you read my last few posts - this is turning into "you did" and "no you said" and blah blah...its going to be an endless blame game - its truly gonna be a mess.

I personally do not think Mrs. Jackson will survive this. This woman will be sitting there day after day listening to this shit and how the hell can any Mother do that? Its day 2 and she is completely distraught and any Mother would be. 

It breaks my heart at the thought of Paris and Prince seeing all of this, my soul aches when I have to think about child should EVER have to be a witness to anything like what they saw that day.

Brace yourselves MJ Fan Family - this is gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride!

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