Tuesday, January 18

Jordin Sparks Talks 3rd Album & American Idol Changes!

Check out this mini-interview provided by ABC News Radio where Jordin is asked about recording her 3rd album. Also, she was asked about the changes ofAmerican Idol this season and about some of the charity projects she has recently been a part of! :) 


Last year, she made her Broadway debut and launched her first fragrance. Now, Jordin Sparks is beginning 2011 by starting work on her third album. Jordin tells us that she just recorded a batch of songs this past weekend with Grammy-winner John Legend, but she’s “literally just getting started.”
Jordin says she doesn’t really have a “game plan” when it comes to recording the album — she says, “I just want to sing songs that touch me, and that I feel other people will like as well.” Jordin adds, “We’re just kind of recording songs that I absolutely love, and I think when I get to the point where I have enough in my arsenal, we’ll have to sit down and really see what kind of direction we want to go.”
Jordin definitely plans to take time out from her recording schedule to tune into the new season of American Idol, which starts next week. In addition to a new judging panel, the show has announced sweeping changes in its structure — for example, the contestants will be reportedly be able to sing original songs, and there will be 20 semi-finalists, 10 boys and 10 girls. There will also be a sort of “sudden death” sing-off during the Hollywood round.
Season six American Idol champ Jordin says, “It’s just gonna be really cool to see what they do with the contestants this year…it’s gonna be crazy. I heard they may not do theme weeks, which is so crazy to me!” She adds, “I’m very curious to see if [the contestants] are gonna have instruments, if they’re still gonna have that whole ‘we can save someone’ thing….I’ve always been a fan, so I’m just going to continue to watch it.”
Jordin also continues to be heavily involved in charity projects. On Wednesday, she’ll be in Dallas, performing at the Kids Bowl Bash, which honors kids who’ve performed community service. And yesterday, she was at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, doing an intimate set for seriously ill kids. She tells us, “One of the girls actually said for a second, I made her feel normal again. And that’s, like, the best thing ever.” Jordin adds, “I don’t even have to do another thing. I don’t have to win another award. When a kid says that, it’s more rewarding to me than any of those other things.”
Provided by ABC News Radio    VIA JORDINSPARKSCC


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