Wednesday, December 15

#Michael Twitterthon Results!

All day Tuesday from Midnight To Midnight Michael Jackson supporters, via twitter, tagged all their tweets with #Michael for 2 main reasons...
1) To make the public aware through the use of social media about Michaels new album. We wanted to promote this album because none of the people who are suppose to were, so his [fan] family did!
2) To try to make it trend to the #1 position!! Michael should be #1 everywhere at all times!!!

But seriously, it was a great day - we had over ‎9,030 tweets, with more than 1,273 contributors!!! 

Top tweet Goes To Our Very Own IDRAG4MJ 

As it stands right now - in the last 7 days - 12,883 tweets, 1,882 contributors,1,840.4 tweets per day so please, all of you give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back for a job well done!!
Aint no fan like an MJ fan!!


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