Thursday, December 16

Michael - The Review!!

Ive listened to the new Michael Jackson album, Michael - somewhere around 300 times since buying it on the 14th and I feel I am now ready to review it.

Hold My Hand - This is a beautiful song with a powerful message. Michael wanted the world united and I think this song says just that - Hold My Hand, Things Will Get Better. I know it sounds like a love song but if you know Michaels way you can clearly hear what he is actually saying.

Hollywood Tonight - JAM ON MIKE!!! I love this song - this is a definite Night Club Song as well as being uber radio friendly. I have danced several dozen times around my house to this song!

Keep Your Head Up - Oh My...This Song. I cant begin to express how much I LOVE this song. Michael always gets at least one song per album that will tug the hell out of your heart strings and this one does it for me.  Giving You Wings So We Can Fly....
Keep Your Head Up by IDRAG

The Way You Love Me - Classic Michael Jackson "Wooing The Girl" song!! This song makes me smile - I like the way how your holding me, LOVE IT!!

Monster - Who the hell would have thought Michael and 50 cent would sound this fricken good together!!?!! I'm mean DAMN!! I LOVE this song and have also got my dance on to this gem ;-)
Monster by IDRAG

Best Of Joy - I have to admit this was not among my fav's when I first listened. I have listened to it on repeat for the last 2 hours and I have fallen in love with this song. It starting to affect me like "She's Out Of My Life" does or "Never Can Say Goodbye" - they leave me in tears every time I listen to them for some reason...I think its all the raw emotion he emits.

Breaking News - Also didn't like this when it was released a month ago. I'm still not jumping up and down over it. I don't hate it - but I don't love it either. It happens.

Another Day - I never in my wildest imagination thought for a second that my two all time favorite male singers would get together and record a song. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!
Another Day by IDRAG

Behind The Mask - Sax :) Mike is on point for this whole album. I believe in my heart that he totally approves of this album. It is shear genius - Michael Jackson Genius! This song is also a favorite for me on this record, classic MJ.

Last but not least, Much Too Soon.... This song makes me sad, he sings "I guess I learned my lesson much too soon" but when I hear it all I can think of is "Michael Left Us Much Too Soon". This is a beautiful song and his voice is, as usual - butter. Perfection.
Its safe to say that this album makes me very happy, after so much bs all over the news and social media it was a relief to finally hear all 10 songs and be more than happy with them.
I really truly feel Michael would love this album and would be very happy that his family of supporters love it and still want more!

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