Sunday, December 12


Ok MJ Fans - we are down to the wire. Michaels album will be released on Tuesday and we must do everything in out power to get it to #1 everywhere!!
As it stands he reached #1 in France, Belgium, Australia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Demark and Italy!!!
Let's get this #1 worldwide!!
All day Tuesday - from Midnight To Midnight - Tag ALL tweets with > #Michael < we want to draw as much attention to this album as we can. It doesn't matter what you tweet just tag everything, MJ related or not. Express your love for this new album, tweet about which songs you like best - we are here to keep his legacy alive and this promo blitz by his fans will definitely help!!

Here is a photo we can all use on twitter and Facebook on Tuesday - its all about SUPPORT and PROMOTION!!

Let's all join together and Hold Michaels Hand!


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