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Today is the one year anniversary of this album, I would say is undoubtably the best and most underrated album of 2009..Graffiti is pure pop perfection that was overlooked by the mainstream because of all he had going on in his life at that time. Everybody makes mistake and I believe that he has made a mistake and paid for it so we should move on.
Now if there is a time I would call my self a Chris Brown stan its because this album!! It’s his best so far and I would be surprised if he were able to top it. One problem I did have with Chris was his whinny voice - it used to annoy the hell out of me but with this album I noticed that not only has he artistically improved form his last effort but vocal too, some of the songs are vocally breath taking..
This is my Graffiti dedication post..Im gonna group the songs and review my favorites.

Vocally breath taking, these song have shown how Chris has matured vocally and is no longer the whiny little kid he was on his two previous LP’s!

Crawl - His vocal runs towards the end of this is just...

Crawl - Chris Brown by IDRAG

Falling Down –

Fallin Down - Chris Brown by IDRAG

I Need This -
I Need This - Chris Brown by IDRAG

Lucky Me - This may be my favorite ballad from the album..its such a personal song from Chris, he speaks about the troubles of being a star and how he never imagined that it would be so hard, he even goes on to say that he wouldnt wish this on anybody
Lucky Me - Chris Brown by IDRAG

So Cold -

So Cold - Chris Brown by IDRAG

Artistically Creative Songs

Brown Skin Girl - One of the stand outs on this album ,the Sean Paul assisted track infuses Jamaican reggae rhythm and Chris carries the tune amazingly!

Brown Skin Girl - Chris Brown (feat. Sean Paul) by IDRAG

I Love U ft Esterdean –

I Love U - Chris Brown by IDRAG

Club Bangers

Graffiti - Probably my favorite song on the album!! the beat of the song goes hard from start to finish and the way chris sings on the rhythm of the beat is just mind blowing ,i see why its the album
Graffiti - Chris Brown by IDRAG

Pass Out - Why this song was never released i will never know,this song is very euro techno pop,a lot like most of the songs on the radio now but the difference is that,the is some effort in the production --totally a club banger
Pass Out - Chris Brown by IDRAG

What I Do - He feature Plies on this song ..I love how its very urban, the hip hop beat goes hard and this is totally the kinda song you want pump loud on your stereo system in you car while driving very fast!

What I Do - Chris Brown by IDRAG

Wait –
Wait - Chris Brown by IDRAG

For Ur Love –

For Ur Love - Chris Brown by IDRAG

Chase Our Love - This is a fun song

Chase Our Love - Chris Brown by IDRAG

Songs I don’t like –
Take My Time - featuring Keri Hilson and Tank, surprisingly this song got a grammy nod!! lol

I Can Transform Ya - This song just didn't do it for me, great banger but i feel the album could done without it.

This is one of the few albums that I know every single song from start to finish, I know almost every lyric to every song and no its not because am an obsessed Chris Brown fan, its because the album is actually that good!!
Put all your bias about him aside and give this album a chance I promise you that you wont regret it it!!


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