Tuesday, December 7

The Cascio Family and Teddy Riley On Oprah (My Review)

I didnt get to watch the Cascio Family and Teddy Riley on Oprah on Monday as I had some family issues. I finally got the opprotunity this evening to watch it so Im sorry my review is a day late.
I never like anyone talking publically about Michael Jackson, anyone who knows me will tell you this is a fact. This family talked so lovingly about Michael and said some extremely lovely things about him. Not one thing could be twisted OR taken out of context. I'm actually happy they did this.
Id like to start by Thanking the Cascio family for loving Michael and treating him like he was a part of their family. I was literally in tears the whole time they spoke. It truly looks like these peopl loved Mike and stood by him through everything.
Michael allowed these people to be a part of his life because he trusted them. I can fully understand why the Jacksons dont like them - they truly loved Michael unconditionally, for who he was not what he was. They were there when Michaels beloved children were born, he left his children in their care. This really says a lot about them and a lot about how Mike felt about them.
Michael got to talk to every one of them three days before he passed away, that is fantastic - I know in my heart that he loved them and truly thought of them as his family. 
They also put the drug rumors to rest also, well at least they said they never saw any signs of any drug use. People will still believe what they want and lots of people like to think the worst of him though Im not sure why.
Takes me back to what Ive thought for a long time now - Michael was way too good for this world.
Why is it Oprah gotta ask every time about molestation?? Not everyone thinks he did this and its really unfair to keep sullying his legacy with this kind of talk. Thank you Ma and Pa Cascio for saying it straight to Oprah about this. There was no way Oprah could dig in further about it.
Teddy - he looked Oprah in the eye and said "This is Michael" now haters can all go to hell!!!! "No one can ever duplicate Michaels voice" he said and I agree, it can not be done! I read comments saying Teddy didnt look Oprah in the eye - WATCH AGAIN - he did so, many many times!!

Its a terrible thing but Michaels boycotting fans are going to be the ones who destroy his legacy in the end. Boycotting this album or any other Michael Jackson album is a HUGE mistake.

Watch the Cascio Family and Teddy Riley talk about Michael ♥

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