Friday, December 10

Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010!!

General David Petraeus

Barbara Walters has named General David Petraeus her most fascinating person of the year!
“In life, it seems, there are people who break things and people who fix them. This man is a fixer,” Barbara said of General Petraeus on the show.
Celebs featured in Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010 were Betty White, Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Bieber, the cast of Jersey Shore, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Lopez.
Rounding out the top five were LeBron James, Kate Middleton, and Sarah Palin. SOURCE

Here is my opinion of Barbara's "Most Fascinating People" -
The General - YES Fascinating! I love what this man does and the changes he is trying to make.
Betty White - OMG YES!! I love this woman - not only is she funny but she is a great actress and she LOVES animals!
Mark Zuckerburg - highly intelligent people always fascinate me.
Justin Bieber - NO, Hell NO.
Cast of Jersey Shore - NO NO NO, Barbara have you lost your mind??
Sandra Bullock - YES YES - Love this lady!! Such grace and poise after all she has been through with her deadbeat X.
Jennifer Lopez - Nope, not fascinated at all by her.
LeBron James - Not really no. (Not into basketball)
Kate Middleton - YAY - This lil lady is fascinating and I'm interested to see her progression into the Royal Family!
Sarah Palin - Id be fascinated if she would shut the hell up and go away.
I think Barbara is off the meds after seeing this. I find it hard to believe these people all "Fascinate" her....and if so....she needs to get out more!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Barbara Walters’ list - YAY or NAY?


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