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Why is everyone claiming new MJ songs to be fake? is it because… ..(EXPLOSIVE)

Happened to stumble upon this while reading ThatGrapeJuice - this is one fans opinion on whats happening and why. The interesting thing is is that we agree 100 percent with this so we've copy\pasted the entire thing to share with you all. 

Post By MPG ~
Why is everyone claiming new MJ songs to be fake?
is it because…
1) …the family claims its not him. Wait… didn’t they say the same thing with the “This Is It” film? That time people didn’t believe them because obviously we could sit there and see MJ dancing on the screen. They do not like the estate having power and control, and will do anything they can to make them look bad.
2) …3T says its not MJ. in this case, it must be emphasized that they are only against the 3 Cascio tracks (i.e. the tracks he recorded while staying with long time friends, the Cascio family). And the reason that they only are against the 3 “Cascio tracks” is because Michael decided to work with their family and their 2 sons (who are up-and-coming producers/musicians) instead of his nephews (who also happen to be trying to make it in the business and who were clamoring at the chance to record with their icon uncle). Jealousy has caused this claim, nothing else.
3) …Michael’s 2 eldest children, Prince and Paris, sent an email to the estate (which oddly enough became available to everyone else) saying “its not daddy’s voice.” This case is similar to number 2, since the email was sent while Prince and Paris were at school. However, many…er… all 200 of their cousins [sarcasm] do live with them and have access to the computer that Prince and Paris use. The only way this email could have been sent is if their cousins (which include the 3Ts) went into either of their email accounts and typed it themselves (which is not hard to do!). This minute detail seems to have been lost after the original source reported on the story. It is also important to note that Prince, Paris, and Blanket were all with MJ while he was recording that material.
4) …they believe Jason Malachi sang these songs. Well, not only is this a huge smack in the face to MJ by comparing him to that nobody (with vary limited range i might add), but its also making the claim that Mr.Malachi or another impersonator could easily replicate MJ’s voice. If that were the case, what is the true value of Michael Jackson? If there were many people who could indistinguishably sing for him, than he must have not been a very good and dynamic singer in the first place. of course we know this not to be true, so… think about it.
5) …Sony is only interested in making money and will do anything it takes to do so. While this is true (i myself don’t trust Sony enough to even let them borrow a dollar), they would not be foolish enough to pay upwards of 200 million dollars just to release 10 Jason Malachi CDs. That logic is just… ridiculous. They want these CDs to be as popular as possible (more money) and, even though they failed at the task this time, they do not want any controversy associated with them and/or MJ since they both have had enough and since that will net them even more money… get it now?!
6) …It doesn’t sound like something MJ would release. Well, unfortunately, us fans have to get used to that. We will never again have a Dangerous, a Bad, a Thriller, or an Invincible. A sad realization indeed, but we must accept what we have and rejoice over the fact that many new generations, former haters turned lovers, or current haters still haters will be exposed to the greatness that is MJ. BTW, the Earth Song excerpt was added because… the song was not finished. And no other song released by Sony will be finished. They have what they have to work with. Yeah, it’s horrible not to have perfect tracks anymore. But something is better than nothing.
I apologize for the length, but I hope this helps dispel any rumors SOURCE



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