Sunday, November 14

THE INTIMATE SIDE OF JORDIN SPARKS ~ sat down for an intimate interview with Jordin Sparks recently and talked about her stint on Broadway in the Show - In The Heights - Family, Fans and much more!

CC:  So with everything going on, how do you prioritize, especially your personal life?
JS: My family always comes first. Fans come after that. Of course, I have to find time for myself.  But family is first.  I am doing Broadway (In the Heights) right now, which is almost over. Sunday (November 14, 2010) is my last show. So it’s gone by so fast. But, when they had asked me to be a part of it, Broadway is something I’ve always wanted to do. But my brother had his last high school football season. And truthfully, I almost said no because I have to be at his games.  He’s always been there for me.  I need to be there for him.  And I talked to my brother telling him, “I don’t want to go because I don’t want to miss your games.”   But he said to me, “You know what?  It’s ok. You can go.” So, I asked about personal days and said “I’m flying home for my brother’s game.”  So, I got to fly home for some of his games. (Nods) Family has always come first for me. They’re my backbone.

CC: So what’s your advice for fans who want to be where you are?
JS: I feel that if it’s something that you want to do, you have to practice. It’s not going to come easy.  It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifices. It means doing whatever it takes to get there. But that doesn’t mean stepping on people, by any means. That is not it at all.  But looking at your work and knowing [you may have to ask yourself], “Ok. Do I want to do this, or do I want to do this [other thing] more?”  And just knowing that it’s what you want to do.   Making sure that it is what you want to do.  You don’t want to strive for something, and then say, ‘I change my mind’ because then you’ve wasted time on something that you really don’t want to do.
Also have at least that one person that one person that’s going to support you 100 percent. That’s also very important.  You don’t want to go for something and feel as if no one is supporting you. You definitely need that support and you need that person to fall back on. That would be my best advice. (Smiles)

This is Jordins last night for In The Heights and probably just in time for her. This little Miss has a new fragrance "Because of You" out and many new things in store for the new year!
We are excited to keep our eye on this 21 year old sensation - Watch this space for all your Jordin Sparks Updates!



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