Thursday, November 25


Michael Jackson claims his 48th chart entry on the Hot 100, and first since his death in 2009, as "Hold My Hand" debuts at No. 84. The song features Akon, who also appeared on Jackson's last charting effort, "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008," which peaked at No. 81 in February of that year. Jackson's new track sold 19,000 in less than three days of availability as it reached digital retailers on Friday, Nov. 19.

Listen fellow fans - its our jobs to get this to #1 and we are not doing a great job so far. Remember back in the day he would release a song and BAMM it would hit #1 right away.
Now when there is a new song released and it slow moving I can literally see the headlines in the tabloids throwing shade. We dont want to feed this sort of media, what we need to do is get off our asses and try with all our might to make these songs reach #1 and the album also...we must do this for Michael.

MichaelJackson Duet with Akon Hold My Hand by IDRAG


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